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Coach MelanieMelanie Yarzy

Coach Melanie is a wife, mom, coach, and athlete. Triathlon is her passion, and she loves that she gets to share it with fellow athletes. Her favorite endeavor to date is coaching the BAM! NexGen kids triathlon program. During the week you can find her at The Fitness Center at South Shore (south Houston) teaching swim lessons and coaching masters. Swimming was her first love. She began when she was 14 years old as a freshman in high school. Running soon took over in college. And when she began triathlon after having kiddos, she discovered that cycling is the most fun of all for her. She has quite a competitive nature that has brought her much pleasure as well as pain in racing.

She's a feisty athlete with lots of heart which spills over into her coaching. She works with beginners doing their first sprint to Ironman distance athletes. Each of her athletes is special and different. She puts a lot of care into helping her athletes achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy balance at home. She also enjoys organizing group workouts for her local athletes and will be out there training and racing alongside them whenever she can.

Coach Melanie on Her Philosophy & Focus

My focus as a TriDot Coach is to provide each of my athletes with a customized schedule that is smart, time efficient, and highly effective. The TriDot System does that, and very well too. It’s a great tool that makes training gains measurable and focuses on your individual needs as an athlete.

My coaching philosophy is to have fun and learn. We’ll push when you are strong, I’ll be there to help when you’re struggling, and celebrate when you finish! We’ll remove self-imposed limits, gain confidence in sport, and perform to our best ability.

Coaching Background

Coach Melanie has coached 100’s of athletes for swimming, triathlon, and running. She's coached 50+ athletes one on one to achieve goals ranging from sprints to Ironman. She's coached dozens of athletes to Ironman finishes. Most of her athletes are local, up close, and personal. But she also coaches athletes all over the US and abroad. Her athletes have ranged from beginners learning to swim and put their face in the water to elite level triathletes. They've qualified for Boston at their first marathon, finished Ironmans walking, crying, smiling, and running, completed our first Olympic distance swim which in the beginning seemed like the impossible dream, they've lost 100s of pounds, and built fit strong minds, and bodies.