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What's Your TriDot?

What reaction would you get if you asked a fellow triathlete, "What's Your TriDot?"

Clubs Generate Revenue with TriDot's New Club Partner Program

TriDot's new Club Partner Program offers cycling, running, masters swim and triathlon clubs across the U.S.

TriDot's Event Program Generates More Sponsorship Revenue

TriDot's new Event Partner Program offers event organizations that produce multiple triathlons a more lucrative sponsorship structure than a traditional sponsorship approach. Events can earn both a base sponsorship fee in addition to athlete-referral fees.

TriDot Introduces the Next Level of Advanced Analytics Triathlon Training

Unique Blend of Technology and Coaching Improves Performance in Up to 30% Less Training Time

TriDot Enables Coaches to Grow Their Business

TriDot's Technology saves coaches up to 3 hours per week per athlete in training plan design.

TriDot continues to expand our partners and programs across triathlon-related facilities, events, clubs, retailers, equipment/products, colleges and other triathlon-related organizations. Our current partners include:



Triathletes are known to be “Type A” personalities. We love taking things to the next level — beyond our expectations and those of others.

Bottom line: We’re driven to constantly improve. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at TriDot.


TriDot and LAVA Magazine Introduce First-of-its-Kind IRONMAN Course Rating Index

New IronIndex to Rate Difficulty of all IRONMAN Full Iron Races in LAVA’s Road to Kona Issue