In this episode, we’re going to look at your cornerstone performance metric as a triathlete—your FTP.  But more importantly, we’re going to learn to use it to benchmark your progress, get more out of individual sessions, and optimize your training overall...so you keep getting faster.

In this episode, we examine the very foundation of your triathlon training.  What is your training based on?  What are you trusting in for results?
We explore data-driven training and how you can have complete confidence that you’re getting the most possible out of your training.

In this episode, we discuss metabolic efficiency with TriDot Coach Chris Holley, Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist and Metabolic Efficiency Certified Professional.

UCAN Webinar: Bob Seebohar Discusses Nutrition for Endurance Base Training

TriDot Nutrition Partner Generation UCAN recently teamed up with former Olympic Sports Dietitian Bob Seebohar, MS, RD to conduct a webinar entitled "Nutrition for Endurance Base Training."

Listen Up! Podcast: Heart Rate Monitoring with Polar

Today's Listen Up! podcast discusses the importance of heart rate monitoring devices. My special guest is Wayne Vartabedian, Community Engagement and Senior Product Specialist for Polar's Wrist Unit. Wayne has been an endurance athlete for over 25 years, including a Kona finish, and has used Polar heart rate monitors his entire career. 

Today's Listen Up! podcast addresses the important topic of carbohydrates and triathlon training. My special guest to discuss these important questions is Sports Dietitian Niki Kubiak, RD, CSSD. Niki is Director, Nutrition and Health for Infinite Sports World, an Official Training Facility of TriDot.

Today's Listen Up! podcast addresses the interpretive world of triathlon rules.

My guest to discuss this topic is USAT Official Scott Tafoya. Scott has been an official for over four years and an endurance athlete himself since junior high, completing two Ironman races. 

Today's Listen Up! podcast addresses the important topic of mental preparedness for triathlons. My special guest to discuss this often neglected topic is Tory Robinson. Tory is Director, Sports Performance and Psychology for Infinite Sports World, an Official Holistic Training Facility of TriDot.