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What's Your TriDot?
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What reaction would you get if you asked a fellow triathlete, "What's Your TriDot?"

TriDot Introduces the Next Level of Advanced Analytics Triathlon Training
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Unique Blend of Technology and Coaching Improves Performance in Up to 30% Less Training Time

TriDot's Event Program Generates More Sponsorship Revenue
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TriDot's new Event Partner Program offers event organizations that produce multiple triathlons a more lucrative sponsorship structure than a traditional sponsorship approach. Events can earn both a base sponsorship fee in addition to athlete-referral fees.

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Triathletes are known to be “Type A” personalities. We love taking things to the next level — beyond our expectations and those of others.

Bottom line: We’re driven to constantly improve. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at TriDot.


TriDot and LAVA Magazine Introduce First-of-its-Kind IRONMAN Course Rating Index
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New IronIndex to Rate Difficulty of all IRONMAN Full Iron Races in LAVA’s Road to Kona Issue