Learn How it Works

A few minutes of learning will save you hours lost to ineffective training.

Spend a ton of time training? Make sure your training time is optimized for maximum performance gains!
Is the rest of your life competing for your training time? Reclaim up to 30% of your training time without sacrificing performance.
Would you rather spend minutes now learning or spend an hour longer later, getting to the finish line?

5 mins


What is TriDot

TriDot uses big data and artificial intelligence to “optimize” your training delivering 3x more training benefit than other training options in up to 25% less training time and with significantly lower injury risk.

6 mins


"Data-Driven" Training

You may be capturing data in your training, but is that data actually being used to "drive" your trianing? What benefit are you getting from that data?

9 mins


TriDot Results

What results can you expect from TriDot compared to training on your own, purchasing a plan, or hiring a coach? It's all about maximizing training efficiency!