May 15, 2023

Introducing RunDot: Optimized Training for Runners

It’s here! The same predictive analytics that are behind TriDot’s optimized training for triathletes are now available for runners. This episode brings together Jeff Booher, CEO and Founder of Predictive Fitness Brands, and Matt Bach, Coach, Athlete, and VP of Marketing, to tell you all about RunDot. There are decades worth of athlete data driving the training algorithms that are sure to bring you the best training. RunDot offers high-quality training that is tailored specifically to you, and at price points that fit any budget. Listen in to find out what run training looks like when it’s optimized for you!

A big thanks to UCAN for being a long-time partner of the podcast! At TriDot, we are huge believers in using UCAN to fuel our training and racing. To experience UCAN’s LIVSTEADY products for yourself, head to their website UCAN.co! Use the code “TriDot” to save 20 percent on your entire order.

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