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Scott Thomas

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My first exposure to triathlon was when I was on active duty in the Navy. I had a couple of roommates (one of whom would eventually turn pro and win Vineman twice) that participated in the sport but I was not yet willing to take the plunge. After many years of trying to complete the training program for a marathon, I was successful in 2013, although I looked like I needed the medical tent at the finish line. It was then that my wife encouraged me to a) never do another marathon and b) try a triathlon as an alternative.

I’ve always loved cycling and enjoyed running but the swimming intimidated me. I took it as a new challenge instead of an obstacle. In May 2014, I completed my first sprint triathlon and much to my surprise, won the novice division and was hooked. Since then, I’ve found my niche with longer races. I’ve now completed 6 70.3 races as well as several sprint and Olympic races. As the CFO of a local company, a husband, and a father to two children it can be a big challenge simply finding time to get in all the training necessary to be successful on race day. I always try to have fun, stay healthy, and continue to improve in the sport.

"There is a lot of basketball beyond our control, but a player should never let anyone try harder than he does – Dean Smith