Take Heart in the Latest Triathlon Training Metric

Triathletes religiously track Heart Rate (HR). As they should. It’s a great stress metric. It monitors the stress load a body is used to handling as well as what load it can take during strenuous training. Unfortunately, relying on your resting heart rate isn’t the most accurate way to know if you’ve recovered from your previous workout. But take heart (literally) because there’s a relatively new heart-related metric in endurance training. It’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV). And, simply stated, if you're not using it yet, you will be. The Importance of Heart Rate Variability HRV offers a window into the “flexibility of our nervous system” which can be used to guide an optimal triathlon training program. As triathletes well know,…

Listen Up! Podcast: Heart Rate Monitoring with Polar

Today's Listen Up! podcast discusses the importance of heart rate monitoring devices. My special guest is Wayne Vartabedian, Community Engagement and Senior Product Specialist for Polar's Wrist Unit. Wayne has been an endurance athlete for over 25 years, including a Kona finish, and has used Polar heart rate monitors his entire career.  About Coach Vicki TriDot Triathlon Coach Vicki Vandergriend hosts Listen Up!, a TriDot podcast channel dedicated to topics, features and profiles related to the sport of triathlon and triathlon training. Coach Vicki has been mentoring and coaching since 2009, with numerous clients making it to the podium and many setting PR’s.  Her coaching is focused on athletes training smarter, not harder. This is the reason she uses TriDot. Their technology and big data find hidden insight in athlete…

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