TriDot Triathlon Training IMTX IRONMAN Texas Personal Record PR
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Tell us about your experience at the 2017 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN North American Championship Texas in Houston?

Stories of Inspiration - Women in Triathlons
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It was 2009. She found herself 60 pounds overweight and battling chronic bouts of depression and anxiety.

That year was a turning point for Melanie Bocock. She connected with a psychologist and the depression began to clear. As the healing began to flow into her heart and soul, it also began to influence her physically.

My IRONMAN Challenge: From Five Simple Words to Mission - Kona
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We’ve all done it. Inadvertently or prematurely sent a post on social media and then later thought twice about it. Most of the time there isn’t a significant consequence. In my case, there was.

3 Reasons to Train with Purpose
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Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute-mile barrier, talked about the purpose for which he ran in his autobiography, “Four Minute Mile.” He wrote that it “should become a striving to achieve more and more, not for purely selfish motives, but because of the recognition of some higher purpose.”