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As the 2017 season comes to a close it is essential to start reviewing your season highlights and challenges and start the necessary planning to build your next season around your “A” race. Your “A” race should be the pinnacle of your season. It is the one race that you really want to master and demonstrate a high level of excellence.

TriDot Triathlon Training NYC Triathlon Race Report

Racing the NYC Triathlon was quite an experience, as is anything in New York. Everything there is big and that included my race nerves. Although I was comfortable with my training (thank you Coach Kathy and TriDot), I was not comfortable with the logistics of moving around New York.

TriDot Triathlon Training IMTX IRONMAN Texas Personal Record PR

Tell us about your experience at the 2017 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN North American Championship Texas in Houston?

TriDot Triathlon Training Race Day Checklist

Preparing for a single disciplined sport is challenging enough. In triathlon, you’re tasked with the daunting expectation to compete in three sports in one day. Consequently, this ups the ante on how much goes into the preparation for your triathlon race weekend.

The Top 3 Points to Consider in Your Triathlon Race Strategy: Nutrition

Part 3 in a 3-part series.

While pacing is the foundation of triathlon race strategy and swim strategy the starting point, let’s now move on to the final strategy that keeps everything in check: race nutrition.


The Top 3 Points to Consider in Your Triathlon Race Strategy: Pacing

Part 1 in a 3-part series.

Toughness is a quality required in all endurance sports, but triathlon necessitates a little something extra. And that something extra is gumption. To be a triathlete you need to be shrewd, resourceful, and strategic.

Triathletes are pyromaniacs. They need fire. They need passion.

The best fuel for their burning flame is a competitive drive. However, what differs from one triathlete to another is where that competitive drive is directed. Is it against yourself or against others?

3 Points to Keep Top of Mind for a Top Triathlon Experience

If you’re still early in your triathlon experience (and even if you’re not), there are three key points to always keep top of mind in trying to create a positive race day experience:

1. Open Water Swimming is Different than Pool Swimming

Three Key Points to Consider on Triathlon Race Day

There may be no worse feeling than the morning of a race. Nerves, fear, and an indescribable queasiness paint the picture for most of us on our way to T1 for final pre-race preparations.

For the Record: June 2016 - Is Caffeine Before Racing a Good Idea?

NO – Coach Nick Seidel
Caffeine is not recommended before triathlon participation. Research supports that caffeine does improve performance on many types of activities. Adequate rest and a solid nutritional plan will sustain optimal performance better than caffeine for a less reliable effect.