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TriDot Triathlon Training Race Day Checklist
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Preparing for a single disciplined sport is challenging enough. In triathlon, you’re tasked with the daunting expectation to compete in three sports in one day. Consequently, this ups the ante on how much goes into the preparation for your triathlon race weekend.

TriDot Triathlon Training Racing Body Weight
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Throughout my years in triathlon I’ve heard a lot of athletes ask about a particular physiological subject of which I’ve never placed much stock in myself. A simple topic that we as a nation are obsessed with: body weight.


Macca’s Story

TriDot Triathlon Training Avoid Distractions
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If there’s ever been a time to be distracted it’s here and now in the 21st century. Between smart phones, Twitter, and Netflix, our senses have been bombarded more than the dinosaurs in an asteroid shower. But even if you can manage enough focus to start your triathlon training, there are still distractions aplenty dedicated to veering you off course.

How to Build the Most Effective Triathlon Race Schedule
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Being free creatures in a world governed by laws, we have the ability to partake in ambitious activities one might only classify as nonsensical. Or to be stated more bluntly—stupid.

How is the Diaphragm and Breathing Relevant to Triathlon?
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I think I can say with confidence that in 2014 I was the only pro triathlete on the IRONMAN circuit with slats of cardboard taped under his aero pads. “Cardboard?” you wonder? “Under where?” you ask. Yeah, I thought it was silly too.

The Top 3 Points to Consider in Your Triathlon Race Strategy: Nutrition
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Part 3 in a 3-part series.

While pacing is the foundation of triathlon race strategy and swim strategy the starting point, let’s now move on to the final strategy that keeps everything in check: race nutrition.


The Top 3 Points to Consider in Your Triathlon Race Strategy: Swim Strategy
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Part 2 in a 3-part series.

In the first entry of this blog series, we introduced the topic of pacing. While pacing, especially on the bike and run in long course triathlon, is hugely important, its application is minimized if your day is already over in the swim.

You need a solid swim strategy to complement your overall triathlon race performance.

The Top 3 Points to Consider in Your Triathlon Race Strategy: Pacing
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Part 1 in a 3-part series.

Toughness is a quality required in all endurance sports, but triathlon necessitates a little something extra. And that something extra is gumption. To be a triathlete you need to be shrewd, resourceful, and strategic.

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Triathletes are pyromaniacs. They need fire. They need passion.

The best fuel for their burning flame is a competitive drive. However, what differs from one triathlete to another is where that competitive drive is directed. Is it against yourself or against others?

The Importance of Staying in Your Triathlon Bike Aero Position
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There’s nothing quite like taking the Maserati out for a casual Sunday drive. That’s what I bought it for after all. You know, something to have so I can scope out the local Farmer’s Market. Something to slow things down. A car for the lighter things in life.