TriDot Triathlon Training Foam Rolling 5 Important Minutes for Triathletes

Self-myofascial release, or self-massage, is the technical term to describe foam rolling. Triathletes benefit from foam rolling because it targets a specific point on your body that is suffering from muscle tightness or knots.

There are major benefits to using a foam roller and the good news is it isn’t time consuming and you can do it while watching TV!

TriDot Triathlon Training Recovery Workout

If an athlete tells you that they haven’t ever had a bad workout, they’re lying. Let’s be honest; it happens. Don’t let a poor workout derail you. Here’s what to do instead:

1. Be Reflective

Triathlon Training and Foam Rolling: Good Idea?

Ah, the foam roller—that dense foam cylinder that you see in the athletic store or the gym.  You may have seen someone use it or maybe you have ventured to try it for yourself. 

The Top 3 Triathlon Recovery Methods You Should Consider

Triathlon recovery is an absolute truth in every athlete’s training program, and most multi-sport competitors are keenly aware of this. However, many triathletes only consider the most obvious recovery methods: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. But what about the triathlon recovery methods you may not be using?

1. Active Recovery

3 Steps Toward More Effective Triathlon Training Recovery

Anyone can work hard. Do you have the discipline to recover?” – Lauren Fleshman, U.S. champion in the 5000 meters, 2006 and 2010.

After finishing a beast of a workout where you hit all of the intervals and managed to keep your pace despite fatigue, your mental confidence should be high and you should be another step closer to reaching your goal.

Triathlon Training Intensity: Know When to Back Off or Take Off

Triathletes typically have Type A personalities. We’re goal setters, “go-getters,” and overachievers. Instead of training for one sport, we train for three. 

Our grocery carts replicate the fresh produce and meat department, our cars look like a sporting goods sale, and there’s never a time when we’re caught up on laundry or washing water bottles.

Take Heart in the Latest Triathlon Training Metric

Triathletes religiously track Heart Rate (HR). As they should. It’s a great stress metric. It monitors the stress load a body is used to handling as well as what load it can take during strenuous training.

Is a Post-Workout Stretch Necessary in Triathlon Training?

You’re crunched for time as it is. 

You wake up well before the sunrise to get your morning workout in and then maybe try to squeeze in another session over your lunch break. With so many responsibilities to balance, just getting in those quality workout sessions is a large task.