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TriDot Triathlon Training Running-Watch Metrics Part 2
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Last time we started a post-series talking about running-watch running dynamics and what part cadence plays as a metric for triathletes. Today we’ll be covering two other metrics that new running-watches are capable of tracking and discuss why you should be paying attention to them.

Ground Contact Time

TriDot Triathlon Training Running-Watch Metrics Part 1
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“Metrics” has been one of the fancier new buzzwords to grace the triathlon scene in recent years. Athletes want proof that the payment in suffering they’ve footed will recoup dividends in return. And why shouldn’t they? Visual evidence of improvement is a confidence booster and a predictive tool of what to expect come race day.

Inspirational Triathlon Technology - The Training Plan
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What do you remember the older, simpler times of endurance sports training?

How nostalgic do you get reminiscing about the more traditional days of training when it was just you versus the clock?