TriDot Triathlon Training Race Day Checklist
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Preparing for a single disciplined sport is challenging enough. In triathlon, you’re tasked with the daunting expectation to compete in three sports in one day. Consequently, this ups the ante on how much goes into the preparation for your triathlon race weekend.

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Pain is a wholly necessary component to success in anything. You don’t get good at your job without some struggle or challenge. In triathlon, pain is the primary currency for improvement. It may seem scary at first, but there are ways to overcome pain that perhaps you haven’t considered before.

TriDot Triathlon Training Insights About Run
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“To run is to be free,” said the hippie who had never done a triathlon.

TriDot Triathlon Training Tri Nutrition
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Allow me to take the opportunity to spoil the plot of this article from the very beginning. Your nutrition plan for a full iron distance triathlon will be less than double what it would be for the half.

There, you can leave now. However, for the inquisitive at heart let me digress as to why this is the case.

TriDot Triathlon Training Strength Training Running Mechanics
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I’ve been running for over half my life. That means two things. One: I’ve been logging miles for over 16 years. Two: I’m getting old.

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In this episode, we examine the very foundation of your triathlon training.  What is your training based on?  What are you trusting in for results?
We explore data-driven training and how you can have complete confidence that you’re getting the most possible out of your training.

Triathlon Training Swim Bike Run Nutrition Generation UCAN
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In the triathlon world, there are a wealth of opinions and theories as to which nutritional method is best. For years we were taught that a high carb diet was an athlete’s best friend. Now science is putting that idea to the test.

How Triathlon Training Differs for Sprint, Olympic, and Ironman Distances
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My lovely friends on the high school swim team often claimed that their sport was the toughest in existence. My cross country friends, however, would retort with something along the lines of, “Last time I checked there are no hills in swimming.” (They’re both wrong. Cycling is the hardest).

How to Build the Most Effective Triathlon Race Schedule
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Being free creatures in a world governed by laws, we have the ability to partake in ambitious activities one might only classify as nonsensical. Or to be stated more bluntly—stupid.

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A shot in the dark gets you one of two things: Either a very happy-to-be-alive deer or a very upset neighbor with a newly flattened truck tire. You need a light to shine the way. In triathlon, that light is a goal. A finish line you can run toward.