TriDot Check-In with Athlete Matthew Reibenstein: Part 1
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MATTHEW REIBENSTEIN is the founder and president of Royal Homes in Conroe, Texas. A Houston native, he is currently the president of the Montgomery County Builders and Developers Division as well as a Board of Director member of the Greater Houston Builders Association.

6 Signs You Might be Overtraining for Your Triathlon – Part 1
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Take a demanding sport composed of three equally difficult disciplines and add highly motivated, goal driven, type A personalities, and you’ve got the recipe for overload and overexertion.

Unfortunately, the byproduct of these converging factors is often overtraining.

Mastering the Triathlon T1: Part 3 – Ride On
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You’ve gone from water to land quickly and effortlessly, stripped off your wetsuit and located your bike. If all has gone as planned, you’re reoriented and gaining physical and mental momentum.

It’s time for a smooth mount and start for the longest leg of your triathlon. There are three key points to consider in this execution:

Mastering the Triathlon T1: Part 2 - Transition Area
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When you’re out of the water and surrounded by hundreds of slippery, slightly disoriented, emotionally-heightened athletes in various stages of control and orientation, your “go to” stabilizer will be your T1 plan.

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The two transition phases, T1 and T2, have been called the “fourth and fifth legs” of triathlon.

How to Legally Draft on the Bike in a Triathlon
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To those most intimate with the sport, drafting on the bike in triathlon is language to be feared.

Draft-legal races – meaning the ability to draft behind others on the bike leg without penalty – are few and far between in the triathlon world, especially in the United States.

Top 10 Checklist for a Smooth Triathlon Race Day
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It’s Race Day! (Finally). You’ve trained for months in preparation for this event so you want everything to go smoothly.

Use this checklist for race morning to ensure your race execution is flawless:

1. Check the Weather

How to Find Your Best Triathlon Pace
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In every facet of the endurance athletic world, pace is an athlete’s bread and butter. In triathlon, it is the sword the triathlete will live and die by.

The Top 3 Triathlon Metrics Most Triathletes Ignore But Shouldn’t – Part III
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Previously in this series, we’ve discussed the top three triathlon metrics most triathletes are ignoring but really shouldn’t.  So far we’ve covered Functional Threshold and Bike-to-Run Factor.

The Top 3 Triathlon Metrics Most Triathletes Ignore But Shouldn’t – Part II
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Yesterday I introduced the first of three triathlon metrics many triathletes are ignoring but shouldn’t: Functional Threshold. This is a key data metric athletes need to know to improve power capabilities in order to optimize their training and performance.