Optimized Triathlon Training

We'll handle your data. You do the training.

Better Results

TriDot users improve an average of 3.2 times more than non-users.

In Less Time

TriDot users achieve more performance improvement in up to 30% less training time.

With Less Risk of Injury

TriDot’s optimized training dramatically reduces injury risk.

TriDot handles the data, so you can focus on your training!

Delivering 3x the training results of other options, TriDot will help you achieve your race goals in less time.

The TriDot Mobile App

Our mobile experience offers all the functionality of the TriDot app directly on your mobile device! There's no need to switch between apps for different features. If you're a mobile-only user, you get the entire TriDot experience on the device of your choice.


Daily Training Without the Hassle

Quickly view your workout descriptions, tutorial videos, and session notes all in one place. Easily complete your workouts, track your daily metrics, and measure your results without navigating through countless other pages. TriDot's daily training page is simple, easy, and let's you get right to your training.


A Calendar Built for Triathletes

Easily drag and drop workouts, compare your planned and actual times on completed sessions, track your weekly TrainX Score, and manage your schedule with more ease and control than ever before. This is a calendar built with the triathlete in mind.


Far More Than Just 'Dynamic' and 'Personalized'

TriDot’s technology analyzes your data and more than a decade of athlete training and race data to optimize your training. On average, it’s 2.4x more effective than training designed and monitored by a coach and a whopping 8.6x more effective than designing your own training.


TriDot has given me a very specific plan that I can plug into my watch and follow easily. I went from finishing in the bottom 50% and lower to now finishing within top 30% overall and continually improving.

Brian Schwartz

TriDot promised to help me train efficiently and that's exactly what it has done for me! It already led me to a 23-minute PR on the 70.3 distance!

Cristina Santana
70.3/Full IM